The Women Behind Trellis: Week 2

Welcome! The star of this week's show is Jaclyn Clifford, or as many of you know her, Jackie! This past week was filled with launch party event planning, LLC filing, and many other fun activities. We are excited to fill you in on all things Trellis in the next few weeks. Until then, read up on your next partner in business, Jackie Clifford. 

Name: Jaclyn Clifford

Title: Principal

What book are you currently reading? Modern Romance by THE Aziz Ansari 

What’s your fav Pittsburgh restaurant? Gaucho, Tram's Kitchen, Grit and Grace, and Duncan St. Dinners 

What do you do in your free time? First of all, what is this thing you call “free time”? Well, when I do have some, I like to read and cook. When it comes to cooking, I like to add my own spin on basic recipes, which sometimes makes for a fantastic meal, while other times not so much. I have found this cooking method can be quite disastrous when it comes to baking. Apparently, baking measurements are not suggestions.  I also love riding my bike around Pittsburgh- I think it's the best way to explore the city. I have found that I am much more likely to stumble upon something new that I might not have otherwise seen from my car.

What was your high and low from this summer? Although the summer was mostly filled with tedious studying, I did make some pretty awesome memories. I found a lot of support in my friends and family throughout the summer months while I studied for the bar. So many people rallied behind me, understood my availability (or lack thereof), and the occasional bad mood. I also spent a lot of time in coffee shops - I made it a point to look for ones off the beaten path. My absolute favorite is Biddles Escape in Regent Square. Also, my friends threw me a birthday party in June, which was a blast. Birthdays to me are just a great excuse to get together with great people, and nothing is better than being an arms length away from everyone you love. 

Why start your own firm? The idea of starting Trellis was a progression from a student group Marlene and I started in school. From there, we found that the need for low-cost legal services was a huge need and the market for ecological development and agriculture grossly underserved. Our mantra over the last year has been, "we will keep doing this until someone gives us a good reason not to.” So far, we have been faced with tremendous support, so we are going to keep going!

Why local agriculture? Local food and environmentally focused work are both passions of mine. I am also a proud Pittsburgher, born and raised, and I want to focus my actions on helping others make improvements in our great city!

Where do you see Trellis in 5 years? I hope to see Trellis as a multifaceted business growing into other parts of the state and involved in a wider range of agriculture and green development related issues. I would also love to be more involved with the implementation of policies and zoning ordinances throughout the state to ensure adequate protection of our natural resources and citizens.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I am learning to sew. Right now, I can do simple alterations and simple patterns. Both of my aunts are phenomenal seamstresses, so I think I could learn a bit from both of them.