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Trellis believes in meeting your business where it is at and that includes providing free legal resources like checklists, guides, and more to help you better understand your business's legal needs and determine next steps.

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Below are free resources available to help you and your business. Toggle between the categories and explore. Each resource is available as a downloadable document and includes key legal tips and considerations along with links to our related blogs and templates to help you get started. 

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Digital Guidance

What's Up With Web Sales?

More and more businesses are moving to online sales, or growing their online opportunities to reach more customers, to adapt their business, and to promote their brand. However, there are legal considerations for selling online. This resource outlines important tips for the protection of your online business!

LLCs & Other Entities

Planning for Partnership

Starting a business is an exciting time. You have a product or service, a plan to get customers, and maybe you have some co-founders. But before you form an entity or officially open for business, it is important to plan appropriately if you have more than one owner. We always say it is better to hash things out before money is involved. So, this resource is all about planning for your business partnership and the important questions to tackle ahead of opening.

General Business

End of Year Planning

Taking some time at the end of the year to review where your business is at, determine next steps, and make a to-do list can help your business grow and succeed (or get off the ground if you’re planning a new business!). To help you out we’ve outlined a few key considerations for end of year planning.


Legal Worksheet for Farmers

This checklist includes our legal health checklist but customized for farmers and includes additional worksheet activities and next steps!


Key Contracts for Your Biz

​You’ve probably heard the expression “get it in writing” when it comes to agreements. And of course, we fully support that, but there are also so many kinds of contracts to get in writing. And for good reason as there are so many different kinds of relationships! This resource lists a few types of contracts in no particular order (okay, actually they’re in alphabetical order because we’re type A lawyers), and links to provide you with resources related to each.

General Business

Business Advertising 101

This resource covers important legal considerations when it comes to advertising your business, organization, fundraiser, or anything where you’re asking people to buy into the goods, services, and opportunities you offer. It's important to consider things like copyright, truth of advertising, and more!

General Business

Resources for Small Businesses

From accounting to zoning, there are so many resources out there – people, software, organizations, and more – created just for helping small businesses get started and succeed. We’ve put together a list of potential resources created to help you begin, run, advertise, and grow your business, and thrive.

Digital Guidance

Social Media Considerations

For many small businesses, social media has become a near necessity. In a space that allows you to share so much – your story, your art, your products, your services – it’s important to understand the legal considerations around sharing, engaging, and posting to ensure your rights and the rights of others are protected.This resource includes a non-exhaustive to-do list of legal concepts, policies, and considerations.


Understanding Waivers & Releases

If you’ve ever participated in an event, sport, activity, or even signed a contract you have probably seen language around liability waivers and/or a release. Waivers and releases are a common part of everyday business transactions. They can be helpful in helping customers make informed decisions, make it clear who owns certain rights, and they can protect businesses and people from certain types of actions surrounding their line of work. This resource explains a few important details around, differences between, and offers some examples.

General Business

Working with an Attorney

A lot of people know legal help and documentation are important, and there are a lot of internet resources out there, but what if you’re looking for specific advice or want an attorney to help you navigate everything? This resource is here to clear the air, provide some tips and options, and help you determine the right next steps for your biz!

LLCs & Other Entities

Forming a PA LLC

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your business can be a great option to protect your personal assets, have a structure for growth for your business, and have formal documentation if you want to apply for grants, loans, and other programs. PA LLCs do not have annual filing requirements and have multiple options for how to be taxed, which can allow the owner to choose the best option for them. If you have multiple owners, it is a great way to keep the business separate from each individual owner and provide a clear outline as to how the owners will make decisions and more.

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