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Getting to Know Your Potential
Legal Costs

Check out our pricing list below to help estimate your legal expenses!

If you don't see your need listed, don't hesitate to reach out for a free consult or quote! Please note all costs are estimates and will be confirmed prior to engaging us as your attorneys. 

Business Formation:

  • Single Owner LLC: $1000 (includes filing, filing fee, EIN, Operating agreement, resolutions, initial CTA BOI report, and a review meeting

  • Multi Owner LLC: $1500 (includes all the same as single owner formation plus more discussion time and complicated operating agreement)

  • LLC with unique governance: $1500 (for if you want your LLC to operate like a co-op, benefit company structure, etc.)

  • C-Corp Formation: $2,750 (includes filing, filing fee, EIN, bylaws, initial resolutions, and a review meeting with initial shareholders/board)

  • Non profit formation (1023EZ): $2650 (includes filing of entity, filing fee, advertisements and advertising fees, EIN, bylaws, initial resolutions, 1.5 hours of communication time, 1023EZ filing for 501c3 status and filing fee).

  • Non profit formation (1023 long form): $4650 (includes all 1023EZ items but includes the more time consuming 1023 long form application and higher application fee).

  • Fictitious name filing (DBA): $300 for if DBA to be owned by an entity, $550 if DBA owned by individual. Both options include filing, filing fee, and resolution for business records authorizing DBA. If owned by individual, advertisements are required and the advertising preparation and filing fees are included in cost.

  • Registered office provider (CROP) service: $75/year.

Trademarks and Copyright:

  • Trademark Search and Application (includes filing trademark in one class and related filing fees): $1900

    • Additional classes for same mark: $375​

    • Additional trademarks for same classes as first: $1500​

    • Additional trademarks for different classes as first: $1700

  • Substantive Office Action response: starting at $500

  • Copyright session to learn how to file copyrights yourself and review of one application: $500

  • Copyright registration by attorney: $350, plus discounts for multiples available

  • Cease and Desist Letter: $600 for first, then hourly rate for customization to future letters

LLC + Trademark Packages (for a discount)

  • Single Owner LLC + Trademark: $2,600

  • Multi Owner LLC + Trademark: $3,000

  • Fictitious Name Filing (DBA) + Trademark: $2,000

Contract Reviews:

  • 1-3 page contract: $400

  • 4-7 page contract: $600-$800

  • 8-15 page contract: $900-$1200

  • 16+ plus, send to us for a quote.

Contract Drafting:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement: $600

  • Commercial Business Lease: $800

  • Farm Lease: $600-$750

  • Residential Lease: $600

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement: $250

  • Client Contract: $600-$1000

  • Employee Offer Letter: $450-$750 (depending on benefits and other provisions to be included)

  • Employee Handbook: $1500

  • Custom: we do all sorts of contracts, so don't hesitate to reach out for a custom quote

Wills and Estates:

  • Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive (per person): $600

  • Will, Testamentary Trust, Power of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directive (per person): $750

Legal Health Check-Up

  • Up to an hour of detailed discussion, advising, and analysis of legal considerations specific to your business then provision of a written outline of next steps and quotes for work we can help with: $250

Hourly Rates

When a scope of work is less predictable such as when we have to do research, are providing you with advising time not included in a flat rate, or are helping you negotiate a contract or matter, we use hourly rates to compensate us for our time.  

  • Marlene Hourly Rate: $220/hr

  • Jessica Hourly Rate: $200/hr

  • Anna Hourly Rate: $200/hr

  • Erin Hourly Rate: $185/hr


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Prices are just an estimate to help you generally budget for your legal costs and not a formal quote. Price may be subject to change upon your specific need once you meet with one of our attorneys. All prices are confirmed with you before you enter into an engagement letter with Trellis Legal. This price list does not create an attorney/client relationship and does not engage Trellis Legal as your attorney.

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