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Legal Services without Full Legal Costs

We get it. You have legal needs before the budget for a lawyer. But you want more than a confusing blank template from a random website. That's why we created the Trellis Template Library.™  Affordable DIY legal document templates with detailed comment boxes breaking it all down for you, written by a Pennsylvania lawyer you can turn to when you're ready. 


The Trellis Template Advantage

The Trellis Template Library™ is designed to empower you to tackle your basic business legal needs until you can afford an attorney. A Trellis Template is legal without the legalese and contains detailed comment boxes breaking down each paragraph so you not only know how to fill out your template, but understand it, and use it to better your business. Check out our FAQs for more info. Don't see your need yet? Don't worry, we'll be continuing to update and release new templates as we grow!

Want to know what you're getting for your money? Check out this short visual which gives you a sneak peak of what our contract templates look like and include!

What's Included in Your Trellis Template

This is the Start

of a Relationship

This is just the beginning. The best part of the Trellis Template Library™ is that they are written by a Pennsylvania attorney you can turn to when you're ready. If you have questions about which template is right for you, you contact us and speak to a real attorney!


As your business grows so do your legal needs and complexities. If you're a Pennsylvania resident or business then feel free to reach out if you have specific legal questions, would like your template reviewed, or are ready to grow into a relationship with an attorney.*

*Working with a Trellis Legal attorney is subject to an intake discussion, conflicts check, and formal engagement. This is not an offer of services. This page, its contents, and using the Trellis Template Library™ do not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. Communications and downloads on this page are not considered confidential. You do not have an attorney-client relationship until you have a signed engagement letter with Trellis Legal. 

The Trellis

Template Library

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