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  • Erin Holliday

Back to School with the Trellis Resource Library!

Something about that back-to-school time makes us want to get organized. Wait, is it almost that time already? Maybe we buy a new pack of fresh legal pads or those kinds of perfect pens that write smooth like butter and feel like feathers on your fingertips. Mmmm, brings us joy just thinking of it! But really, even if you have zero affiliation with back-to-school (and maybe you’re glad for that!), it’s still a great time to check in with your business and get everything in order. (Of course, it’s always a good time to do this, but we will also take any excuse to buy brand-new office supplies.)

We believe in providing access to legal help at every cost level, including free. So in addition to our monthly blog posts, we also release resources around midway through every month (or even sooner if you subscribe to our resource newsletter) that cover a wide range of legal topics. If you know you want to get things together but don’t know where to begin, Trellis’ 38+ attorney-drafted Free Resources are a great place to start!

Our resources often include checklists, tips and tricks, or a list of considerations for various areas around running a business, including:

  • LLCs & Other Entities

  • Contracts (many of which are also available for purchase in our website’s DIY Documents section)

  • Online Sales & Digital Guidance

  • Intellectual Property

  • Non-profits

  • Buying & Selling Businesses

  • Property law and Leases

  • Agriculture/Farm Business

  • Employee guidance

  • General business resources

  • And more!

Here are a few of our favorites (just kidding, we love them all equally!) with direct downloads by clicking the link:

1. Legal Health Checklist

The health of your business is just like your own health. So sometimes it’s good to do a check up and make sure everything is in good shape and work on the things that may not be. This checklist is designed to help you do just that!

2. Intro Guide to On-Boarding Employees

So you’ve made it to a point in your business that you’re ready to hire some help. This can be simultaneously exciting and a bit nerve-wracking! This checklist contains a few things you’ll want to understand before casting that hiring net. Each of these considerations is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hiring staff and is only meant to provide some key points.

3. Business Advertising 101

This resource covers important legal considerations when it comes to advertising your business, organization, fundraiser, or anything where you’re asking people to buy into the goods, services, and opportunities you offer. It's important to consider things like copyright, truth of advertising, and more!

4. Legal Considerations for Social Media

For many small businesses, social media has become a near necessity. In a space that allows you to share so much – your story, your art, your products, your services – it’s important to understand the legal considerations around sharing, engaging, and posting to ensure your rights and the rights of others are protected. This resource includes a non-exhaustive to-do list of legal concepts, policies, and considerations.

5. Legal Worksheet for Farmers

This checklist includes our legal health checklist but is customized for farmers and includes additional worksheet activities and next steps!

Importantly, these resources are general guides, and won’t always be able to perfectly align with all of your needs and legal considerations for every situation. BUT they’re definitely a good starting place to give you some peace of mind, help you build a to-do list, or generate some ideas or questions to bring to your lawyer. If you ever have any questions or want specific legal advice about anything you’ve read on a resource, we’re an email away.

Also, don’t forget to see if there is a blog post covering a more specific topic, like in employment law, business & community, food and agriculture, and so much more. And of course, we’re always looking for new ideas for resources and things you’ve always wondered about, so if you have any good topics you’d like us to cover, drop us a line and it just might end up on the next month’s list!

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is meant for informational purposes only and does not constitute specific legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. Readers should discuss their specific situation with an attorney.

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