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Trellis believes in meeting your business where it is at and that includes providing free legal resources like checklists, guides, and more to help you better understand your business's legal needs and determine next steps. Check them out below.

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Our Resources

Below are free resources available to help you and your business. Each are available as a downloadable document and include key legal tips and considerations along with links to our related blogs and templates to help you get started.

Legal Health Checklist

The health of your business is just like your own health. So sometimes it’s good to do a check up and make sure everything is in good shape and work on the things that may not be. This checklist is designed to help you do just that! 

Legal Worksheet for Farmers

This checklist includes our legal health checklist but customized for farmers and includes additional worksheet activities and next steps!

Client Contracts 101

A client contract is a strong step toward a productive client relationship. A detailed client contract ensures you and a client are on the same page for the services, payment terms, ownership and termination. This resource is designed to give you tips and tricks for key components to a successful client contract!

What's Up with Web Sales

More and more businesses are moving to online sales, or growing their online opportunities to reach more customers, to adapt their business, and to promote their brand. However, there are legal considerations for selling online. This resource outlines important tips for the protection of your online business!

Protections for No Contract

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

We know businesses don’t always use a detailed written contract. It’s ok. We get it. But there are still preventative steps you can take to ensure a smoother transaction and give you peace of mind. This resource outlines those steps to help your business.

Businesses and individuals must do all they can to protect their confidential information/work. Here’s where the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) comes in! This resource breaks down what an NDA is, what it can protect, and how to use one.

Taking some time at the end of the year to review where your business is at, determine next steps, and make a to-do list can help your business grow and succeed (or get off the ground if you’re planning a new business!). To help you out we’ve outlined a few key considerations for end of year planning.

COVID-19 Waiver

Wholesale/Recurring Order Terms

 Unlike direct to customer sales where the biggest issues are shipping, returns, and defects, there are additional considerations that come with wholesale/recurring orders that can be crucial to establish in order to help your business be successful, protect you from costs and risks, and build positive relationships with customers.  We break a few of them down here.

End of Year Planning

COVID19 is now a known risk and as people want to engage in in-person activities, it is important they acknowledge that despite your business taking reasonable precautions, the risk is always there so long as COVID19 is active. Thierefore, this waiver can be helpful for business providing these in-person activities such as catering, volunteer activities, group events, etc.

Dissolving an LLC

When starting a business, you don’t think about the day you might need to close it, but unfortunately sometimes that day comes. So this resource is about the common steps needed to close a Limited Liability Company (a common form of business) in Pennsylvania.


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