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This template was drafted by a Pennsylvania licensed attorney under Pennsylvania laws. If you are located in another state, please speak to an attorney licensed in your state. Templates do not constitute specific legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. If you have specific questions about how you should use the resource or about your unique situation, please speak with an attorney.

Subcontractor Agreement Template

  • This is a template for a subcontractor agreement to use when contracting with other persons or businesses to support your company’s work for one of your company’s clients. This can be used when your company is contracted for work, and you wish to hire a subcontractor to perform some aspect of that work, especially if you require extra hands on a large project. This agreement will provide you with essential terms and conditions to have in a contract with a subcontractor, including the scope of work, the period of performance, options for payment, and options for terminating or modifying the agreement. This is different from an independent contractor agreement where under a normal independent contractor agreement, the contractor will only be providing services to your company. 

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